Samsung LG Washer Repair Fast!

Are you tired of dragging baskets of laundry to a Houston area laundromat because Samsung LG washer repair is around the corner or the unit is now on the fritz? Does your Samsung washer or LG washer need repair service because it needs a washer front door bellows boot seal, or because it sounds more like a jet talking off than a washer simply cleaning and spinning your family’s clothes? If so, we have just the Samsung LG washer repair Houston experts available for you! And the best part is our service call is FREE with a Samsung LG washer repair! We are experts at Samsung Washer Repair Houston & LG Washer Repair Houston! Whether you have a Top Load or Front Load, Samsung and LG washing machines are the second most widely purchased and utilized washer on the domestic market today, and for good reason. Samsung washers and LG washers rarely need repair because they are technologically advanced machines manufactured by the world’s leanest and highest quality manufacturer around. LG and Samsung washers are also seemingly everywhere because of the proliferation of the big box retailers, such as Best Buy, Lowes and Home Depot who love to carry them, display them and sell them!

Samsung Washer Repair & LG Washer Repair Common Problems

However, at times even the best and most well-oiled machine needs a little TLC and our Samsung LG washer repair Houston service is just the prescription called for should your Houston area Samsung washer or LG washer exhibit any of the following malfunctions:

  • Samsung LG Washer Won’t Drain Out
  • No Water Enters Wash Tub
  • Samsung LG Washer Error or Fault Code
  • Torn or Worn Rubber Door Boot Seal
  • Washer Leaks from Door or Bottom
  • Washer Vibrates Harshly
  • Washer Makes Extremely Loud Noise
  • Washer Doesn’t Properly Agitate
  • Washer Drain Pump Replacement
  • Washer Displays No Electrical Power
  • Washer Won’t Spin at Right Speed
  • Washer Cycles Improperly
  • Improper Water Temperature
  • Washer Knocks While on Spin Cycle

Samsung LG Washer Repair Houston Up-Front & Fair Pricing

As mentioned on our main page, Houston Washer Repair offers an extremely fair and transparent pricing structure called our Up-Front Flat Rate Pricing Guide. Each of our Samsung LG washer repair Houston service technicians price the same job exactly the same way, for each and every customer, each and every time. Long gone are the days of being price gouged by simply being unlucky enough to draw the service technician that just seems to have all the time in the world, as long as his customer is paying for it. Our Up-Front Pricing guarantees you will receive the best value for your Houston Samsung washer or LG washer repair dollar! That’s our Promise and our Guarantee!

Samsung LG Washer Repair Houston Warranty & Service

Ease of use and peace of mind for each of our valued Samsung LG washer repair Houston customers is our ultimate goal. For that reason, we offer a Best in the Business Warranty on Parts and Labor for all our Houston area Samsung LG washer repair customers! This guarantees for you that OEM parts will be exclusively used and that our washer repair technicians are providing you the absolute best in repair work because we intend to stand behind our work long after we have cleaned up and departed! And did we mention our service call is FREE with a qualified repair!

Samsung Washer Door Latch & Lock Repair

We are experts at replacing Samsung washer door latches & locks, as well as all other brands of front load washer door latch & lock repairs. Since our Washer Repair Houston service technicians repair and replace so many front load washer door lock and latches, we keep many of these washer door latches on our service vehicles at all times. This ensures a rapid front load washer door latch repair process for all our customers so you can keep your laundry moving!

Samsung Washer Door Lock Latch Repair

Samsung Washer Door Lock Mechanism


Samsung Washer Drain Pump Replacement

Samsung washing machine drain pump replacement is one of the most common types of Samsung washer repairs we perform. And for this reason, we keep Samsung drain pumps on each of our appliance repair service vehicles at all times! This allows us to quickly diagnose Samsung washer problems fast, as well as complete the repair all on the same first visit. This saves our customer loads of time (no pun intended) and allows our washer repair technicians to assist more customers on any given day. A common Samsung washer drain pump part number is DC31-00054A and a common no drain error code may be indicated as “ND”.

LG Washer Drain Pump Replacement

LG washer drain pump replacement is also a very frequent type of repair our washer repair technicians perform for customers on nearly a daily basis. As with the Samsung washer parts, we keep replacement LG washer drain pumps on all of our appliance repair vehicles at all times!  A common LG washer drain pump part number is 4681EA2001T. A very common error code “OE” is symptomatic of a no drain situation in LG washers.

Samsung Washer Repair

Washer Repair Houston

Samsung LG Washer Repair Houston Experts

Call us anytime for all your Samsung washer repair Houston or LG washer repair Houston needs in the metro or Katy area at (281) 599-7596 or visit us right away at! We Fix Samsung LG Washers… Serviced Right & Always On Time!

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