GE Washer Repair Common Problems

Does your GE washer need a front door bellows boot seal? Is your GE washer leaking? Believe it or not, but GE washer repair Houston service is one of the single most commonly requested calls for washing machine repair in the Houston area today. Whether it’s a GE Hotpoint, GE Profile, GE Monogram, GE Top Load or GE Front Load, the reason for this is that it’s the single most widely used brand of washing machine sold to date and it’s used by more families than any other single appliance. But why you ask? The answer is simple: GE washing machines have huge sales and utilization numbers because they are just incredibly reliable washers. In fact, these washers are pound for pound the best appliance value on the market today. However, even the best engineered brand will require washing machine repair service at some point in its long life cycle and GE washing machines are no exception.

Listed below are the most common GE washer repair reasons for service calls:

  • Lack of Water Entering the Washer Tub
  • GE Washer Motor Not Turning
  • Washer Won’t Properly Drain
  • GE Washer Vibrates Uncontrollably
  • Washer Leaking Underneath Unit
  • GE Washer Speed Too Slow
  • GE Washer Leaves Stains on Clothes
  • GE Washer Error or Fault Code Displays
  • Kinked or Broken Water Supply Line
  • GE Washer Won’t Agitate
  • Washing Machine Won’t Spin
  • Cracked Water Inlet Hose
  • Erratic Wash to Spin Cycling
  • Improper Water Temperature
  • Rust Splatter from Chlorine Filler
  • Washer Spins Making Loud Noise

The average GE washer, or any other brand of washing machine for that matter, is one of the few household appliances that runs day in and day out for most all Houston area families. This places a tremendous load on your washer and keeping it free of malfunctions will greatly lengthen its life span. So, if you need GE washer repair and your washing machine displays any of the above problems, contact one of our expert Houston GE washer repair service technicians today! We’ll quickly and efficiently isolate the problem and get your washer repaired and back to work for you in no time! And our service call is FREE with a qualified repair!

GE Washer Repair Houston Fair Pricing Service

At Washer Repair Houston, we pride ourselves on our extremely fair and transparent pricing structure should you ever need our GE washer repair Houston expertise. All of our Houston area washing machine service technicians utilize a written Up-Front Flat Rate Price Service Guide to price our services. This Flat Rate Guide ensures that every single one of our valued customers pays the exact same price for the exact same repair. You can rest assured that because our washer repair technicians are in no way financially rewarded for taking extra-long while lingering over your GE washing machine, you’ll receive the benefit of knowing you aren’t being gouged. We charge everyone the same rate regardless of the length of time your GE washer repair takes and regardless of the zip code you live in or the make and model of the car in your driveway. This is our Promise and our Guarantee!

GE Washer Repair Houston is a Trusted Service

At Washer Repair Houston, we haven’t encountered a GE washing machine yet that we can’t repair reliably. Because of our GE washer repair expertise, we are able to offer all our customers a Best in the Business Parts and Labor Warranty. And our service call is FREE with any GE washer repair Houston service!

Affordable GE Washer Repair Houston Rates

At Washer Repair Houston, we utilize an above board flat rate pricing structure. This means that everyone of our valued customers pay the exact same price for same service. This eliminates a slow repair technician charging you extra for taking extra time to perform a repair. Our flat rate pricing on GE washer repair Houston service is one of our customers favorite feature about our business.

GE Washer Repair Houston Professionals

Put our telephone number (281) 599-7596 in your contact list or smartphone today so we’ll be right there in case you find you need us later! Call us for all of your GE washer repair Houston issues. You can also reach us by visiting us at!!

We Fix GE Washers… Serviced Right & Always On Time!

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